Lesson ID: A0025

In this guitar lesson, we’re going to start building the foundation you need to play country and bluegrass lead guitar all the way up and down the entire guitar neck. I’ll show you the main guitar scales you need to know and how you can move these scale patterns to change keys. We’re going to map out the guitar neck so you never get lost on the fretboard, and eventually, you’ll be able to play lead guitar over any song.

After you watch this lead guitar lesson, you should check out our Rhythm Fill Riffs and Lead Guitar Course where we expand upon the concepts covered in this lesson. We’ll talk more about the fundamental country guitar scales and I’ll show you how to use guitar scales to play lead guitar licks and country guitar solos.

We also have a nice collection of country guitar licks and bluegrass guitar licks that will take your country lead guitar to the next level.