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Old Joe Clark

Lesson ID: A0221

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to play one a flatpicking guitar arrangement for the traditional fiddle tune “Old Joe Clark“. This mountain ballad was popular among soldiers from eastern Kentucky during World War I and afterwards. Its lyrics refer to a real person named Joseph Clark, a Kentucky mountaineer who was born in 1839 and murdered in 1885.

After you learn the flatpicking break, practice along with the “Old Joe Clark” backing track that accompanies this guitar lesson. Also, be sure to navigate to the “Bonus Bluegrass Licks” tab below to learn a few common bluegrass licks that work well with this song when you’re improvising. “Old Joe Clark” guitar tablature is available for download below the lesson video.

Lesson Overview
Playthrough with TAB
Backing Track

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Bonus Bluegrass Licks

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4 months ago


Al Anon
Al Anon(@theycallmebigal)
3 months ago

I’m just curious, this is a fiddle tune, why teach it in the lower register? Lots of hard work go into your lessons, I was expecting more.
Thanks, nonetheless

Al Anon
Al Anon(@theycallmebigal)
3 months ago
Reply to  Devin

I looped your Lesson Overview track, at +1.5 the tempo, and played the melodic fiddle solos against your playback. I must admit… sounds pretty cool together!

Then, I played your part with my Telecaster, and felt that Brent Mason, Danny Groh vibe. Soooo, nice job!

I’ll use that at our next jam. I look forward to Part II.
Nothing like a professional (you) bringing it home!

3 months ago

Great lesson, Just what i am looking.