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Easy Flatpicking Arrangement – “Arkansas Traveler”

Lesson ID: A0219

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play one of the most common bluegrass standards called “Arkansas Traveler” in the key of D. We’d highly recommend learning this song if you ever go to bluegrass jams, and even if you’re not into playing fiddle tunes on guitar, it’s a really good song to use for working on your pick control and accuracy.

After you learn the flatpicking arrangement, practice along with the “Arkansas Traveler” backing track that comes with this guitar lesson. The lesson tablature is available for download below the lesson video.

Lesson Overview
Playthrough with TAB

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Full Breakdown

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Backing Track

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Michael Graham
Michael Graham(@jambongris)
1 year ago

First time I heard this here, I had a hankering to watch Deliverance for some reason.

Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy(@1malandro)
1 year ago

Working my way through this one slowly – enjoying the sweet tones of D Major!

1 year ago

I love it! Always enjoy the Play Along With Tabs!!! That’s another reason I stay with Devin’s lessons!! Thank you Devin!

11 months ago

This is the tune Roy Underhill started his tv show with, very catchy tune and now I can learn to ply it, thanks Devin

Daniel Scroggins
Daniel Scroggins(@eastman722ce1)
8 months ago

All is good except I cannot get the loop timer to work Devin can you help

Walt Seale
Walt Seale(@waltseale)
4 days ago

How do you move back and forth on the video in little 5 sec intervals? Also, why doesn’t the space work to pause/play? Am I missing something/