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Rhythm Fill Riffs and Lead Guitar

Check out our new step-by-step course that teaches rhythm fills, chord embellishments, and other lead guitar techniques. This series will focus on the scales and note combinations that will make your playing sound the most country and bluegrass.

These videos are organized in a course outline and you can work your way through the series using the navigation buttons below each video. Tablature and other materials will be available to Gold Pick members!


Country & Bluegrass Strumming

What makes a strumming pattern sound country and bluegrass? In this guitar course, Devin will teach you several of his favorite strumming patterns that have a nice country and bluegrass twang.

In lesson #1, we’ll learn country strumming basics, and then we’ll build up to more advanced strumming concepts as we progress through each lesson in the series. At the end of this course, you’ll have a ton of awesome strumming patterns that you can use with your favorite classic country and bluegrass songs.


Building Powerful Bluegrass Solos

Check out our brand new bluegrass guitar solo improvising course! In this guitar course, you’ll learn several bluegrass licks and scales that will help you improve your bluegrass improvising skills. We’ll start with the most basic concepts and increase the difficulty each lesson.

The bluegrass improvising course videos are organized in a course outline and you can work your way through the series using the navigation buttons below each video. Tablature and jam tracks will be available to Gold Pick members!


Hybrid Picking Rhythm Techniques

We just kicked off a brand new course that teaches hybrid picking rhythm guitar techniques used in country, bluegrass, and folk music. You’ll learn several useful hybrid picking patterns and some classic songs along the way.

Early in this series, we’ll work on a few basic patterns that will help you build proper hybrid picking technique and later we’ll increase the difficulty as we work toward some fairly complex Merle Travis and Chet Atkins style patterns. Several more lesson videos will be posted to this hybrid picking course soon!


Bluegrass Lick Library

Take your bluegrass guitar breaks to the next level! We recently launched a Bluegrass Guitar Lick Library with bluegrass licks in several different keys. These licks will turn some heads at your next bluegrass jam. Each bluegrass lick comes with tablature and a short video showing the lick played at different speeds.

Below each bluegrass lick video, you’ll also find bluegrass guitar scale charts so you can study the scales while you’re learning the licks. The lick library should be an extremely helpful tool for anybody interested in learning how to play hard-driving bluegrass guitar solos up the neck over any song in any key.