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Outlaw Country Drop D Riffs and Strumming

Lesson ID: A0202

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a few country guitar riffs in the style of Charlie Daniels. We’ll also use the chord progressions from “Long Haired Country Boy” by Charlie Daniels to practice some country strumming patterns and chord embellishments. Overall, this is a great lesson for developing that outlaw country sound on acoustic guitar.

Important Note: Everything that we cover in this lesson will be in Drop D Tuning D-A-D-G-B-E.


Strumming & Chords

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Drop D Guitar Riffs

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2 years ago

Sounds great Devin !

2 years ago

Can you add in the solo?
I love this song, such a fun one to play.

Charlie was an awesome guy!

It would be cool to see the devil went down to georgia fiddle tunes on the guitar.
I’ve got the first one figured out but am struggling with the second one.

2 years ago
Reply to  Devin

Thanks Devin, I just posted a video of my take of the song and solo. I think the solo is fairly easy but I don’t have a looper pedal going to do a backing track while playing and the slide part I just played as acoustic But still fun to play. I love the drop d riffs you added. It’s really cool to layer those in and keep the song interesting. It would be so cool if at some point you could do the devil went down to Georgia and tab out fiddle tunes into guitar riffs. I think the… Read more »

George Lange
George Lange(@georgeanddoris66hotmail-com)
2 years ago

Love the outlaw guitar sound. I think it is one of the best going

2 years ago

Humble request for a play through with tabs with all these riffs. I’ve got the riffs and the strum but need a bit and bit and bridle to play it start to end. Love the sound. I’m starting to feel like a real guitar player (well almost)

George Ovitt
George Ovitt(@nmgo)
1 year ago

Great lesson. Easy to follow, with lots of good tips. I am learning an enormous amount from your lessons.

William Rountree
William Rountree(@oldtree2)
1 year ago

Hey Devin, is it possible to get the lyrics and chord layout, to Long Haired Country Boy

Cory Sanders
Cory Sanders(@corysanders)
10 months ago

At the end of the Charlie Daniels, long haired country, boy, lesson you say you’re going to teach us some riffs. I picked up on the riffs in the lesson. What I am looking for is some sort of solo like Travis Tritt plays at alive and kicking. Do you have anything like that posted?