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Tennessee Waltz in Drop D

July 26, 2020 16

Lesson ID: A0188 In this guitar lesson, we’ll work on a flatpicking arrangement that follows…


Flatpicking in the Style of Molly Tuttle

July 9, 2020 13

Lesson ID: A0187 In this guitar lesson, we’ll work on some flatpicking in the style…


Crosspicking Patterns and Alternate Chord Voicings

April 28, 2020 5

Lesson ID: A0184 In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn some important crosspicking patterns and alternate…


Red Dirt Country Strumming in the Style of Tyler Childers

November 15, 2019 9

Lesson ID: A0176 In this guitar lesson, we’ll work on some red dirt country strumming…


Johnny Cash Style Rhythm and Fills

November 14, 2019 12

In this guitar lesson, we’ll work on some Johnny Cash style rhythm guitar. First we’ll go over a nice country strumming pattern and get some practice strumming over a country chord progression. Then we’ll add some Johnny Cash style bass line walks to the chord progression to help transition from one chord to the next. You’ll learn eight Johnny Cash style bass line walks…


Red Dirt Country Blues Strumming and Fills

April 12, 2019 9

Lesson ID: A0166 In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a country blues progression in the…

worried blues guitar solo break

Worried Blues

January 22, 2019 13

“Worried Blues” is an old song from the early 1900s written by a country blues musician named Frank Hutchinson. Hutchinson was best known for playing slide guitar with the guitar held in his lap. His song “Worried Blues” has been recorded by several artists over the years, including a popular fingerstyle arrangement by Doc…


Jimmie Rodgers Style Rhythm and Fills

June 28, 2018 19

In this guitar lesson, we’re going to work on some Jimmie Rodgers style rhythm guitar techniques. First, we’ll go over a nice classic country strumming pattern that has a hint of Texas swing. After we break down the…