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The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Country?


I’ve tried several different acoustic guitar strings over the years and I think I’ve just found my new favorite strings so I thought I’d post a quick demo video so you can check them out!. You can watch the demo video below and you can find the strings at

Demo Video

Easy Flatpicking Intro – Grateful Dead

Lesson ID: A0197

In this guitar lesson, we’ll take a look at some simple rhythm and lead from the song “Ripple” by Grateful Dead. First, we’ll work through two basic chord progressions in G and we’ll add some vocals for those of y’all wanting to sing with this song. Then, in the second half of this lesson, you’ll learn a nice guitar intro that mixes the melody of “Ripple” with country & bluegrass strumming.


Flatpicking Intro

Video 1 – Playthrough with Tablature – Flatpicking Intro

Video 2 – Full Breakdown – Flatpicking Intro

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Measures 1 through 4
04:16 min Measures 5 through 8
07:49 min Measures 9 through 12


“Walk On Boy” in the Style of Doc Watson

Lesson ID: A0192

In this guitar lesson, we’ll work through a progression from the classic song “Walk On Boy.” The original version of this song was written by Mel Tillis and Wayne Walker. The flatpicking arrangement that you’ll learn in this lesson is similar to “Walk On Boy” as it was performed by Doc Watson. After we work on the main flatpicking guitar break, we’ll take a closer look at this song’s rhythm guitar part including the chord progression and vocals.



Full Breakdown

Chords & Lyrics

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Capo 2nd fret to practice along with Doc Watson.

Tyler Childers “Nose on the Grindstone” Strumming

Lesson ID: A0189

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play some chord embellishments in the style of “Nose on the Grindstone” by Tyler Childers. First, we’ll work on a few country strumming patterns that’ll help you get that “dirty” country sound Tyler Childers has in a lot of his songs. Then, we’ll work through two practice progressions and practice our country strumming. After that, you’ll learn an instrumental break that’s loaded with country chord embellishments in the style of Tyler Childers.


Strumming & Chords

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Easy Chord Embellishment

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Instrumental Break

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Put your capo on the 3rd fret and practice along with Tyler Childers!

Gear used in this lesson:

Country Series / Acoustic Guitar Strings

Vintage Tone Triangle Picks (3 pack)