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Fingerstyle Delta Blues in Double Drop D Tuning

Lesson ID: A0207

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a 12 bar fingerstyle delta blues progression in double drop D tuning (DADGBD). This progression is best played at a slow speed and it has a really nice bluesy sound. We’ll work through the tablature two bars at a time until we cover all 12 bars. At the end, practice the 12 bar blues progression with me.

Pay close attention to my thumb that plucks the bass note line. The thumb plucks the bass note on each quarter note count and we’ll play various melody notes in between the bass line with our pointer and middle fingers. Overall, this is a great lesson for working on fingerstyle blues guitar.

The tablature download is available below the lesson video.

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Listen to the delta blues progression
00:46 min Line 1 – Bars 1 & 2
01:39 min Line 1 – Bars 3 & 4
02:33 min Line 2 – Bars 5 & 6
03:26 min Line 2 – Bars 7 & 8
04:17 min Line 3 – Bars 9 & 10
05:08 min Line 3 – Bars 11 & 12
06:05 min Practice all 12 bars with me

12 Bar Bluegrass in G

Lesson ID: A0206

Thought I’d change it up a bit and record a quick lesson for y’all next to the creek behind my house… Here’s a 12 bar bluegrass flatpicking break in G that has a lot of guitar licks I use all the time when I’m improvising bluegrass lead in the key of G. Pay attention to the chord written above each measure in the tablature — this is the chord that rhythm guitar (and other instruments) will be playing while you play the solo. You’ll see how each lick fits nicely over the chord that’s being played. Try to commit these licks to memory and use them when you’re playing bluegrass breaks over other songs in the key of G. Let me know if you have any questions!

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Listen to the 12 bar bluegrass solo
00:23 min Line 1 of Tablature
01:30 min Line 2 of Tablature
02:40 min Line 3 of Tablature
03:47 min Practice With Me

Two Bluegrass Flatpicking Solos in C

Lesson ID: A0205

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn two 12-bar bluegrass flatpicking guitar solos in the key of C. These two solos are loaded with stock bluegrass licks that you can use to improvise solo breaks over the majority of bluegrass songs that are in the key of C.

As you’re learning the guitar solos, study how each lick fits over the chords of the rhythm part — the licks fit very nicely over each guitar chord. Learning how to solo with licks that follow the chord progression will really help you break out of the “pentatonic scale box” and your solos will sound much more interesting.

After you learn the guitar solos, practice them with the rhythm track at the end of each video.

Guitar Solo 2

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Back Porch Lesson – Bluegrass Guitar Lick in G

Lesson ID: A0204

Hey Everyone! I’m going to start posting some random “back porch lessons” every now and then to give y’all some different things to work on. These casual lesson videos will cover a variety of things from guitar licks to songs. I will continue recording the usual in-depth lessons, but these will be random lesson videos in addition to the usual lessons. This first back porch lesson is a bluegrass lick that I use a lot when I’m in the key of G. Hope you like it!