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Back Porch Lesson – Bluegrass Guitar Lick in G

Lesson ID: A0204

Hey Everyone! I’m going to start posting some random “back porch lessons” every now and then to give y’all some different things to work on. These casual lesson videos will cover a variety of things from guitar licks to songs. I will continue recording the usual in-depth lessons, but these will be random lesson videos in addition to the usual lessons. This first back porch lesson is a bluegrass lick that I use a lot when I’m in the key of G. Hope you like it!

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Robert Spizale
Robert Spizale(@rspizale)
9 months ago
Reply to  Devin

Do you have a slower version of last part of the video, Trying to keep up with it?

11 months ago

I needed a new challenge this weekend! Thanks!!!

Ray Edwards
Ray Edwards(@ray-edwards)
10 months ago

Works for me

Scooter d.
Scooter d.(@scooter)
10 months ago

Another totally Awesome idea Devin! Been loving your licks library for years. Thanks for sharing your skills.

10 months ago

Awesome man!
That would be great. Makes me want to
Play some Tony Rice Blue Railroad Train.

Nicholas Jacobs
Nicholas Jacobs(@njaco8829)
10 months ago

These simple videos are great! Usually when learning I dont listen to the talking and just watch the fingers over and over again until I get it down. The other videos are great as well but this is also nice to have.

Steve Shirley
Steve Shirley(@sshirley8x)
10 months ago

Devin, I think these short videos are great, and as with all your videos, full of technique and style. To me, flatpicking ain’t easy, but almost impossible without these lessons. Thanks

Robert Spizale
Robert Spizale(@rspizale)
10 months ago

I’ve been wanting a program like this forever, A porch lesson that would go through 3 keys D, C , G back to D would be amazing. Great job, I’m really going to enjoy this !


Jay Adkins
Jay Adkins(@backboneadkins)
8 months ago

When u get a chance, could u show an example of what type of tune you would use this lick and where u would use it?
No rush.

Jay Adkins
Jay Adkins(@backboneadkins)
8 months ago
Reply to  Jay Adkins

Sorry, I guess I should have watched the whole video. I’m a banjo player and learned somewhat easy, but the 6 string don’t come as naturally. I learn the licks quickly, but using them is the road block for me. I enjoy your style of teaching though.

Hank Barnett
Hank Barnett(@decatur-hank)
6 months ago

Devin: I have the first 4 measures down in your video, but I cannot find the tab for your second four measures which you played.