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Wildwood Flower

Lesson ID: A0073

Wildwood Flower” was first published in 1860 and was later recorded by the Carter Family in 1928 on the Victor label. Maybelle Carter leads a rendition of the song on the 1972 album Will the Circle be Unbroken, and frequently performed the song in concert with Johnny Cash. In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach you a traditional version of Wildwood Flower and then an intermediate version with a ton of crosspicking.


Traditional Version

Intermediate Version

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8 years ago

very nice : )

Bryan (@guest_232)
8 years ago

I really like that intermediate version you put together! Great job

Shery (@guest_234)
8 years ago

such a simple nice sounding song

DJ45 (@guest_254)
8 years ago

Wow this song is kind of tricky! Great lesson once again.

Trevor (@guest_408)
7 years ago

Man I will say this is a tough song but I almost got it! Thanks for the lesson! All your videos are really helping my playing a ton. Great job on everything. – Trevor

Terry (@guest_754)
7 years ago

Devin this is one great lesson – absolutely love it – good job.

7 years ago

Devin – between wayfaring stranger and wildwood flower you have helped my picking and strumming exponentially – these days I have a hard time putting the guitar back in the corner – thank you so much.

7 years ago

The intermediate version is really cool but I guess I’m old fashion because I almost like the traditional version better. Both versions would be with wothwhile to perfect.
Thanks Jim

6 years ago

wow been awhile since I last was here but looking at that be advanced right hand picking intermediate ,certainly glad to be here! going to do the traditional first and than try intermediate,, ,, ohh last night did enjoy practicing all the licks in G,, great lick exercises and will commit more time here @ CGO! Thanks Devin, Merry Xmas and best wishes hope health going into a Happy New year!

6 years ago

something wrong with the website? said error must reload page.. guess I’ll log off and back on!

John (@guest_1214)
6 years ago
Reply to  Devin

okay , thanks,, yes this is sure fun….i’ll break for now

John (@guest_1215)
6 years ago
Reply to  Devin

I added wildflower to favs.. just have to take it slow.. i’ll watch and listen to your tips too as always,, loop features good thing too

6 years ago

Thanks so much Devin. Wonderful lessons and a lot of fun. I’m enjoying playing straight from Red River Valley to Bury me Beneath the Willow to this traditional version of Wildwood Flower (not ready for intermediate yet). A real fun traditional medley.

Cooper (@guest_1349)
6 years ago

Really nice lesson Devin!

6 years ago

This is a fantastic lesson… thanks

5 years ago

Learning this song is going to be so much fun, Thanks for all of your hard work putting this lesson together Devin!!

5 years ago

This song surely is good exercise for right hand technique. I’m somehow finding it easier to learn it with a capo at the second or third fret, probably because I have relatively short fingers. Thanks Devin.

5 years ago

Thank you for your lessons, they are pleasant simple and motivate learning.

4 years ago

Grew up in Nashville but never drawn to learning country or bluegrass. Always more interested in electric blues based stuff. Broke my little finger a few months ago and could not play for a while. Upon recovery I started playing acoustic again to restrengthen my left hand. In the process I discovered your lessons. This has opened me up to a world I have missed completely. Thanks

4 years ago

Great lesson, great tabs. Thanks Devin.

scott rivers
scott rivers(@sarivers)
4 years ago

how do you print tab to practice cnt do it used i time and didnt get copy dam thats what i want to use

Susan Wagner
Susan Wagner(@shysue)
4 years ago

I got the traditional one down and now working on the intermediate version. Classic song!

3 years ago

So I finally have this song down after attempting it off and on (mostly off) for a year and a half! I’m wondering if you can comment with the chords/lyrics/strumming pattern for the singing part or maybe even create a part 2 lesson one day. If not, no worries. I really enjoyed learning this one as is. Thanks, Devin! 🙂

George Lange
George Lange(@georgeanddoris66hotmail-com)
2 years ago

This is one of my all time favourites and you have done a great job with it too Devin. I like the way it is done here

Damian O'Doherty
Damian O'Doherty(@damian-odoherty)
2 years ago


1 year ago

great lesson and yes on this site no youtube ad-thanks devin

Daniel Scroggins
Daniel Scroggins(@eastman722ce1)
10 months ago

When the chord progression is C-2,3,4. does this mean C,D,E,F.

Michael Graham
Michael Graham(@jambongris)
7 months ago

The very first piece I learned on C.G.O. one year ago almost to the day and I just recently learned the intermediate cross picking version too. One year ago, I thought it was way too difficult and here I am playing both versions thanks to Devin and practice.

Michael Shepherd
Michael Shepherd(@mikeodell)
9 days ago

Sir I love everything you do and I love your website!!! Seriously, what more could a guitar student ask for?! Thank you a thousand times!!!