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Deep Elem Blues

Lesson ID: A0075

“Deep Elem Blues” is a traditional American song from the early 1900s. This song is usually played in a blues format but we’re going to add a country and bluegrass twist to it for this guitar lesson. We’ll go over several country strumming patterns, the song intro, a nice country filler riff, and we’ll go over all of the vocals verse by verse.

Overview & Rhythm

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Overview
03:01 min G Chord Formation and Hammer-On
04:35 min Country Strumming Patterns
10:21 min “Building Up” Chord Progressions
14:05 min Intermediate Country Strumming
17:08 min Apply This to Deep Elem Blues

Song Intro & Filler Riff

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Easy Intro
01:13 min Intermediate Intro
06:01 min More Advanced Intro
08:16 min Filler Riff
13:04 min Play Through Entire Intro

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Full Song Breakdown

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Chord Progression

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7 years ago

Great lessons on strumming & fills. Is there any tab for this lesson?

Bobbie (@guest_238)
7 years ago

Thank you Devin. I’m really impressed with with your site, your wonderful manner of teaching and the quick response about the tab 😉 ! THANK YOU!

Mark (@guest_240)
7 years ago

Really nice intro!

Cindy P
Cindy P (@guest_246)
7 years ago

You’re a fabulous teacher! Simple and to the point. I learned a lot from this. THanks!!

Rob 76
Rob 76 (@guest_247)
7 years ago

Just joined, and looking forward to your weekly guitar lessons! And very nice website by the way.

CountryPicker (@guest_252)
7 years ago

Perfect lesson on rhythm and fills! Thanks a lot for what you’re doing here.

6 years ago

This is cool. But I have a question. Is it me (probably is) or does the 2nd part of the intro have a couple more filler notes than what’s shown on the tablature?

6 years ago
Reply to  lwiley

I figured it out. I was trying to play that the extended intro run more like a G run so I was pausing slightly on the G note so it was a very slight timing difference from the way you played it. The ability to slow it down on the video is a big help.

4 years ago

Great lesson, exactly what I always wanted to learn but didn’t dare to do: more complex rhythm patterns that sound more dynamic. But you give such a good instruction to the topic combined with a very good song, that I now try to insert the strumming pattern into 2 bar section of chords. I probably have to practice this every day for months…. But it’s a lot of fun. Thank you Devin.

4 years ago
Reply to  Devin

I have an old cassette where Jerry Garcia played Deep Elem Blues. It is a fun song.

Derick Greiner
Derick Greiner(@dertyhippiefeats)
3 years ago

Is there a video on playing the intro?

Brannan Taylor
Brannan Taylor(@chuckpagano)
1 year ago

What key is this? And what scale should I be using when trying to build a solo?

Paul Young-Hyman
Paul Young-Hyman(@pauyou)
1 year ago

Devin. Ive had so much fun playing. The site is great. Love the easy loops and i particularly like that I can go off and put in riffs and fillers as I go and then improvise new ones.