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Triangle Guitar Picks for Flatpicking

September 30, 2021 4

I’m a huge fan of the size and shape of these Woodtone Guitar Picks. They…


Crosspicking Patterns and Alternate Chord Voicings

April 28, 2020 9

Lesson ID: A0184 In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn some important crosspicking patterns and alternate…


Home Sweet Home Crosspicking Lesson

May 18, 2018 28

In this country and bluegrass crosspicking guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a crosspicking version of the traditional tune “Home Sweet Home” in the key of C. This song was originally adapted from American actor and dramatist John Howard Payne’s 1823…

beaumont rag guitar tablature

Beaumont Rag

March 14, 2018 17

“Beaumont Rag” is a swingy flatpicking standard that originated as a fiddle tune near Beaumont, Texas. The exact origins are unknown, but many believe it was composed by a fiddler in Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band named Samuel Peacock…

red river valley chords lyrics guitar lesson

Red River Valley

August 16, 2017 20

“Red River Valley” is a traditional folk song and cowboy music standard that was written sometime during the 1800s. The exact song origins are unknown, but many believe it was composed at the time of the 1870 Wolseley Expedition to Manitoba’s…

bury me beneath the willow guitar lesson carter style rhythm

Bury Me Beneath the Willow

August 1, 2017 9

“Bury Me Beneath the Willow” is an old traditional folk song that was first archived in 1906 by an English professor at the University of Missouri. The song was made popular by The Carter Family and it has been recorded by several different artists…

wabash cannonball guitar lesson chords lyrics

Wabash Cannonball

June 30, 2017 14

“Wabash Cannonball” is a traditional American folk song that was originally published to sheet music in 1882 under the title “The Great Rock Island Route” written by J. A. Roff. The song was later rewritten under the title “Wabash Cannonball” in 1904 by…

country and bluegrass crosspicking patterns guitar lesson

How to Mix Country Crosspicking with Your Strumming

October 19, 2016 23

In this guitar lesson, we’ll show you some country and bluegrass crosspicking patterns that’ll help you improve your pick control. After we learn the patterns and discuss proper technique, we’ll go over how you can mix these patterns with your country strumming…