Lesson ID: A0038

Bluegrass rhythm guitar is one of the most important parts of a bluegrass band. Since there typically aren’t drums in a bluegrass band, the rhythm guitar player sets the pace instead. In this lesson we’ll go over several important bluegrass rhythm guitar techniques that you need to know. This lesson is geared towards beginners but there’s some good stuff for all skill levels.

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Lesson Overview
00:57 min Drums of the Bluegrass Band
01:41 min Basic Boom Chick Pattern
02:30 min Chord Progression Example
05:44 min Turnaround Riff
08:12 min Rhythm Hammer-Ons
09:42 min Filler Riff Between the G and C Chords
10:30 min G Lick Ending