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Hot Bluegrass Flatpicking Licks That Travel the Neck

Lesson ID: A0100

In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach you four of my favorite bluegrass flatpicking licks that travel the guitar neck. I use these licks all the time in my bluegrass guitar solo breaks and also as rhythm guitar fill riffs. All four licks are in the key of G and they’re built with a combination of the blues scales and the major pentatonic scales. Our tablature download includes comments that’ll tell you the scale positions each lick travels through up and down the neck. As you’re learning these licks, try to visualize the scales in each position. If you like this lesson, you might also like our Bluegrass Lick Library.

Lick 1

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Lesson Overview
01:34 min Important Guitar Scale Positions
04:16 min Lick 1 Breakdown – Measures 1 & 2
06:58 min Lick 1 Breakdown – Measures 3 & 4
10:30 min Practice Along with Me

How to Practice

Flatpicking Method

Lick 2

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Lick 3

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Lick 4

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Tim Miller
Tim Miller(@tim)
7 years ago

sweet licks!!

Jones (@guest_430)
7 years ago

Very nice lesson as always

Mark (@guest_434)
7 years ago

Thanks for the awesome licks and thorough explanations. Your lessons are still really helping me improve. Keep it up!

Frank Barnes
Frank Barnes (@guest_440)
7 years ago

Awesome man

7 years ago

Very clean picking. Sounds great. THanks for the lesson!

Brandon (@guest_446)
7 years ago

Thank Devin. Nice lesson. I’m joining tomorrow morning and getting on these licks. Keep up the great work with your videos! They’re helping me a ton.

Randy Keizer
Randy Keizer(@randy)
7 years ago

These licks are killer. Thanks man. Best teacher I’ve found online for this style.

Chad (@guest_483)
7 years ago

Just joined a minute ago and loving the site. Awesome lesson man!

Ernie Duvall
Ernie Duvall (@guest_511)
7 years ago

Devon keep up the good workThis is really awesome for people that don’t have the cash to pay for the lessons keep up the good work thank you Ernie Duvall

7 years ago

Amazing lesson, thanks!!

7 years ago

Now the measures make more sense. Thanks Devin

7 years ago

Put more together! These are awesome!

6 years ago

What a GREAT lesson. There is so much in there. Thanks Devin. BRILLIANT

5 years ago

These licks have inspired me to pick my guitar up again. I’m 65 yrs old and I’m having a ball playing these licks. Thanks Devin.

C White
C White(@g)
3 years ago

Love lick 1. This is a fun one to play.