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Bluegrass Guitar Lick for a Song Intro or Solo Break

Lesson ID: A0099

In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach y’all a nice bluegrass guitar lick you can use during the intro of a bluegrass song or a solo break. Check out this YouTube video (guitar lick starts at 15 seconds) to watch Rhonda Vincent’s guitar player play a bluegrass intro lick similar to the one we’re covering in this lesson. Also watch this YouTube video on the “Lick Sample” tab of this lesson post below.

This lick sounds fast and tricky, but I’d encourage all levels to learn this one because it’s not too bad if you slow it down to a reasonable pace. Relax your right hand grip and focus on gettin’ those clean pick strokes.

Guitar Lesson

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Lesson Overview
01:20 min Measures 1 & 2
04:12 min Measures 3 & 4
07:43 min Measures 5 & 6
10:29 min Measures 7 & 8
12:51 min Measure 9
14:07 min Practice Along with Me

Lick Sample

See how this style of lick can be used in a bluegrass song (lick starts around 15 seconds).

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Tim Miller
Tim Miller(@tim)
7 years ago

Love it!!

Brady Kulin
Brady Kulin (@guest_419)
7 years ago

Nice! I’ll be working on this lick the next couple days. Good stuff. I really like your easy teaching style. Good pace for learning. Keep it up!

Harry (@guest_421)
7 years ago

Man that’s awesome. Thanks for all the amazing lessons! – Harry

dennis (@guest_425)
7 years ago

Just found this site. I tend to learn a little from everyone but i love the way he teaches.