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Country & Bluegrass Lick in G and How to Use It

Lesson ID: FL0001

In this guitar lesson video, I’ll teach you one of my favorite country & bluegrass guitar licks that sounds great on acoustic guitar. First I’ll play through the lick a couple times, then one time slowly with the tablature, and then I’ll break it down measure by measure. I’ll also show you how to play the rhythm guitar part that you heard me play at the beginning of the video and we’ll get some practice playing this G lick as a fill riff with rhythm.

Recommended Gear

Bluegrass Series Mid Tension / Acoustic Guitar Strings

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4 years ago

Always clear teaching and good video quality…..thanks Devin!

Jason Kluttz
Jason Kluttz(@jasmo777)
5 months ago

Again, with all of these licks–please show how to incorporate them into the playing. Learning/playing the licks are pretty basic but show how to incorporate them in a 12 bar blue(s)grass rhythm, please. Every lick should have a quick 8 bar run on how to place them within the progression.