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Bluesy Country Licks for Acoustic Guitar in D

Lesson ID: FL0002

In this country guitar lesson, I’ll teach you how to play three bluesy country licks on acoustic guitar in the key of D. The first two guitar licks are great to play as fill riffs when you switch between chords. The third lick is a little longer and it sounds nice as a fill riff or as part of a full-length country guitar solo. Later in the lesson, you’ll also learn a more advanced country strumming pattern that works really well for playing country rhythm guitar in the key of D.

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4 years ago

Nice one man! Keep them coming!

4 years ago

I like these Free lick Friday, good instructions…..thanks Devin have a nice weekend!

4 years ago

Best guitar instruction online! Really nice Devin. I have been learning a lot, thanks for the great work.

4 years ago

Great lesson Devin ! Thanks

4 years ago

I can follow your explanations in this lesson so well. You are a very good teacher and you encourage me to experiment with the strumming patterns and fill riffs. And such a bluesy sound. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Devin.

Scott Larson
Scott Larson(@aceshooter)
3 years ago

After searching and trying out numerous video lessons out there, this is the one that made me realize your program is right for me.
Thanks Devin!

Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess(@mikeyb)
2 years ago

Playing for 2 years now: But, I have to plead ignorance when it comes to an appreciation for country guitar. I’ve spent so much time just trying to learn Rock & Roll, Blues, Pop &, etc… Finally, after spending some time with your online course, I have come to realize just how incredibly important country guitar is. Thanks for reminding me, in a truly illustrative way. It’s essential learning! Different genres, all with strong country elements. I love the straightforward approach. Just watching the simplicity of how you explain your Riffs. The way you break it all down, yet not… Read more »