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How to Play a Solo in C for Bluegrass and Country

Lesson ID: A0175

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a guitar solo in C for bluegrass and country. First we’ll play through the solo arrangement at a slow pace with tablature on the screen. Then we’ll break down the entire solo line by line and we’ll cover some helpful techniques for improvising solos in C. After you learn the guitar solo arrangement, practice along with the country & bluegrass backing track in the key of C.


Playthrough with Tablature

Full Breakdown

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Measures 1 through 4 and Soloing Tips
08:30 min Measures 5 through 8
14:26 min Measures 9 through 12 (Available to CGO Members)
20:00 min Measures 13 through 16 (Available to CGO Members)
26:08 min Practice the Solo With Me (Available to CGO Members)

Backing Track

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Recommended Gear

Country Series Low Tension / Acoustic Guitar Strings

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4 years ago
Reply to  Devin

Got it Devin…..Great lesson….already incorporating some of these runs into Black Mountain Rag!

4 years ago

I like this one…thanks Devin!

4 years ago

Great lesson Devin ! Nice to see the D16 again

4 years ago
Reply to  Devin

I just sold my D16 and bought an almost new D18, i am very happy with it , sounds fantastic and my left hand has a little more space , still enjoying your lessons . Thanks man !

4 years ago

Thank you for this lesson, Devin, I’m learning a lot. So good that you explained the bend and release-bend in measure 12, because I never did a bend before! I practiced the bends a lot and now I’m able to incorporate these kind of bends in other solos. I’m so glad.

Teresa Randolph
Teresa Randolph(@teresawrandolphgmail-com)
4 years ago

This is great! I wrote a little bluesy song called “Fire, Bacon, Rum” (I think you can guess what it’s about) Devin’s solo in C fits into the song perfectly.