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Brad Paisley – Lick 6

Brad Paisley Guitar Lick 6 in G

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Lesson ID: CL0006
Key: G Major
Scale(s) Used:

  • G Major Scale > 5th/1st Position
  • G Blues Scale > 5th/1st Position
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5 years ago

Several months ago, I was watching one of your lessons (I forget which one) and you mentioned that — as a general rule – when doing a pull-off, it is best to pull upward when you are going to a lower-pitched string next, and to pull downward when you are on our way to one of the higher-pitched strings. (I think you mentioned that it was the quickest way to get to the next string, since the pull-off would be headed towards it). I apologize for being such a literalist, but I’ve kind of been working on making that my… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Devin

Very much appreciated, thank ya!

C White
C White(@g)
3 years ago

Love this riff, fun to play!