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Country Guitar Lick Library

Our Bluegrass Lick Library has been really popular, so I’m putting together a Country Guitar Lick Library that will cover a bunch of country artist signature licks. I’ll be adding several more country guitar licks to this library in the coming weeks in between recording the full-length guitar lessons.

I just posted the first six guitar licks in the style of Brad Paisley, and below you can watch a sample of Brad Paisley Guitar Lick 1. You can find the Country Guitar Lick Library at the top menu under “Lessons” and I’ll also add a link below this video. Later, I’ll post country guitar licks in the style of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, and more. If you have an artist you’d like me to cover, you can send me your request in the Country Guitar Lick Library community forum thread.

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5 years ago

Really nice idea! Love the licks also.

Brandon (@guest_4013926)
5 years ago

Looking forward to more of these

5 years ago

Very great, a very nice way to make the guitar talk, and learn quietly the fretboard. Also looking forward for more of these. keep up the great job !

5 years ago

Season greetings Devin and everyone ! I enjoy this latest lick library ,, this melodic open C arpeggio Brad Paisley ascending and descending lick is new to me and enjoyed this lick,, anyway going to have fun checking out the other licks you mentioned inside the lick library Devin! , Here’s wishing all happy picking!