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Using Country & Bluegrass Licks to Build a Solo

Lesson 7 – Bluegrass Guitar Solo Improvising Course
Lesson ID: A0160

In the previous guitar lesson in this course, I showed you five of the most common ways to build a guitar solo and we talked about several techniques that will help you improvise better guitar solos. We also discussed the first type of solo in detail — the melodic guitar solo.

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn about the second type of guitar solo where we’ll play stock country & bluegrass licks over the top of a standard chord progression. First, I’ll teach you four stock country and bluegrass guitar licks. We’ll talk about how to use these licks to play a hard-driving guitar solo in a country and bluegrass style. Then, I’ll show you some more of my favorite lead guitar improvising techniques. As you’re studying the concepts in this lesson, be sure to also check out the Bluegrass Lick Library and Guitar Scale Charts that we have available at Country Guitar Online. After you complete this lesson, practice your country & bluegrass improvising over the backing track to “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” in the key of G. Lesson tablature is available for download below the video.


Playthrough with Tablature

Guitar Solo & Improvising Tips

Backing Track

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5 years ago
Reply to  Devin

Devin nice classic country licks to apply to many classic compositions looking forward to more in the next few lessons! And plenty enough here to practice I’m sure! thanks for sharing!

5 years ago

back on track devin ! thanks for sharing your knowledges

Jocelyn Beauregard
Jocelyn Beauregard(@jocelyn)
5 years ago

Crystal clear teaching Devin!

5 years ago

Great lesson ! This lesson wil help me so much improving playing solo’s

5 years ago

Super. Licks, and I’m getting to memorize them. Any chance of a play through a little quicker so we can hear how it sounds as solo at full speed?
This would really help me to then play along with the backing track.
Thanks Devin awesome stuff

5 years ago

I really appreciate the « playthrough with tablature » and the breakdown part…really helps, thanks Devin!

5 years ago

I like how you teach progress to the next lessons from 1st position these open chord progressions and each chords arpeggio/country riffs with those little half steps very good and fun too!

5 years ago

HI Devon, I am trying to play “PLAY THRU WITH TABLATURE ” on Lesson ID: A0160 but there is no play button

5 years ago

I think this is worth watching over even after three months ago.. it helps me understand basic theory mixing major and minor scales in open position, very useful straight forward basic but must know lesson! ty happy new year too!

4 years ago

Really good stuff. Detail comments to follow as I go through the lick library and focus more on the scale patterns.