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Guitar ending riffs are extremely important in bluegrass. If you’ve ever been to a bluegrass jam session, you already know how all the bluegrass musicians will repeat the same chord progressions over and over as they take turns playing their solo breaks. At some point the song has to end, and that’s where ending licks like this one come in handy!

Lesson Video

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Song Overview
01:17 min Basic Chord Progression with the Ending Riff
02:31 min Timing of the Ending Riff
03:15 min Riff Play Through with Tablature
04:32 min Dynamic Pick Strokes
05:29 min Anchoring Your Pinky
06:24 min Dividing the Lick into Sections

Ultimate Bluegrass Ending

Guitar Tablature

Ultimate Bluegrass Ending