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Two Intermediate Country Guitar Riffs

Lesson ID: A0043

In this lesson you’ll learn two intermediate country guitar riffs. The great thing about these riffs is that you can play them separately or you can combine them to make one longer guitar solo. The goal here is that we’re continuing to expand your “bag of licks” so you’ll have several licks you can pull from when you’re trading lead back and forth at jam sessions. The more country/bluegrass licks you know the better you’ll be able to improvise your own guitar solos.

Lesson Video

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Lesson Overview
00:30 min Riff #1 Play Through with Tablature
01:28 min Upward Pull-Off
02:38 min Traditional Flatpicking Style
03:03 min Riff #2 Play Through with Tablature
03:53 min Both Riffs Combined
05:17 min Played at Top Speed

Guitar Tablature

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09jitters (@guest_134)
7 years ago

Great licks thanks – I like the lesson breakdown a lot