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Flatpicking in the Style of Kenny Smith

Lesson ID: A0196

In this guitar lesson, we’ll take a close look at a flatpicking break in the style of Kenny Smith. This is a fairly advanced guitar break that will really help you build up some strength in your fretting hand. The hardest part is the “double pull-off” that happens a couple times throughout the arrangement. Before you begin, you’ll need to tune your A string a whole step down to the note G for a tuning of EGDGBE. We also have our capo on the 4th fret. Good luck!

Be sure to out Kenny Smith and his wife Amanda Smith on their website where you can learn about their upcoming live shows.

If you like the sound of my guitar in this lesson, I’m playing on a Martin D-18 with an ambertone finish and I’m using Woodtone Country Series acoustic guitar strings.



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Full Breakdown

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3 years ago

Wow, this is lovely, thanks Devin. Looking forward to getting started on it.

George Lange
George Lange(@georgeanddoris66hotmail-com)
3 years ago

Nice song, Devin, I like this. The Woodtone strings are absolutely my favourite strings now. I have a shoebox of other strings that I don’t use any longer

Last edited 3 years ago by George Lange
sandro donda
sandro donda(@sandro-donda)
3 years ago

Thanks Devin! I’ve new challeng now…

3 years ago

love this

3 years ago

Hey Devin, would you be able to add something about the rhythm/chords for this at some point maybe? Got this nailed just about, but would like to go to the chords at the end like you do in your demo, rather than just keep playing the solo over and over.
(A bonus lesson would be pretty cool also! Kenny plays some other nice breaks in this.)
Really enjoyed this one, it was a challenge but very rewarding to get it down.
Thanks 🙂

Last edited 3 years ago by Kate
2 years ago

Klasse!!! Thank You!!!

Owen Whitton
Owen Whitton(@owenwhitton)
2 years ago

I would love if you could go over breaks in the song, I love it

2 years ago

What is the count for the flatpicking piece. Is it 1 and2 and3 4 or is it 1e and a 2e and a

James Bastion
James Bastion(@jimbastion)
2 years ago

Wow, I dig this one! For me, very challenging to get the timing right. If the timing isn’t right…it ain’t right!
Thanks Devin!

Nathan Henness
Nathan Henness(@myzager20)
1 year ago

Thank you Devon for putting out this lesson I am a huge fan of Kenny Smith. I only listened to his recording of him playing the song with his band towards the end he had a second solo would you mind doing a lesson on it as well? Very beautiful song And thank you…