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Cherokee Shuffle

Lesson ID: A0071

Cherokee Shuffle is an old traditional fiddle tune that’s become a popular tune for bluegrass flatpickers to play on acoustic guitar. The first version of this tune was recorded by fiddler Tommy Magness in the 1930’s. Tommy Jackson is generally credited with transforming Magness’s rendition into “Cherokee Shuffle” in the key of A. In this lesson, we’ll slow down this tune and play along with interactive guitar tablature note for note. Be sure to use the AB Looping and playback speed controls on the video player!

Flatpicking Breakdown

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Song Overview
01:10 min Important Tips
02:54 min Tablature Play Along – Slower Speed
06:00 min Practice Along – Faster Speed
07:48 min Extra Pointers

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John-72 (@guest_217)
8 years ago

nice arrangement on this one

Brandon (@guest_218)
8 years ago

Great lesson!

Montana (@guest_219)
8 years ago

beautiful playing

Aaron P
Aaron P (@guest_220)
8 years ago

Thanks Devin, I’m really enjoying all the flatpicking tunes. I’m more of a song based learner so this is helping me out a lot!

Mark (@guest_223)
8 years ago

I like the new tablature play along you’re adding to the videos now. Pretty slick.

Rick (@guest_242)
8 years ago

Wow very nice guitar lesson website

7 years ago

This sounds like josh Williams version . Sound nice

7 years ago

I’ve been trying to learn this song for years, and my mind’s like a one-eyed dog in a smokehouse. I guess I’ll wash off my war paint and try it the Texan way.

5 years ago

Been playing Cherokee Shuffle for years
I really like your version
was definitely worth learning

5 years ago

This is a great song. Now to get it up to speed!

4 years ago

This one sounds very nice. By far, it’s probably the most challenging one I’ve seen, but good country and Bluegrass deserves all the time and practice it needs to sound right. Thanks again Devin! Will be working on this one for now…

3 years ago

What a great lesson

Allen Gibbs
Allen Gibbs(@allen-g)
2 years ago

What model martin are you playing ? I’m going to get one, lol.. he sounds awesome

George Lange
George Lange(@georgeanddoris66hotmail-com)
1 year ago

Great song. I’m learning way more here on this website for sure. I’d like to learn this song and play faster as well

sandro donda
sandro donda(@sandro-donda)
11 months ago