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flatpicking robert johnson's blues style guitar lesson

Flatpicking Robert Johnson’s Blues Style

August 12, 2016 5

Robert Johnson’s unique combination of singing, guitar skills, and songwriting talent has influenced generations of musicians. He created his distinct sound on guitar with the thumb and fingers of his right hand. In this guitar lesson video, I’ll show you how to…

chet atkins hybrid picking progression country guitar lesson

Chet Atkins Hybrid Picking Progression

August 10, 2016 6

In this intermediate guitar lesson video, I’ll teach you one of my favorite hybrid picking progressions in the style of Chet Atkins. Instead of using a thumb pick like Chet Atkins did, we’ll use a standard guitar pick in a hybrid picking style (pick in combo with the other fingers…

hank williams jr style country rhythm and fills

Oh Kentucky Country & Bluegrass Strumming

June 17, 2016 14

In this guitar lesson video, we’ll go over a really nice melodic country and bluegrass strumming pattern inspired by the song “Oh, Kentucky” by Lou Reid & Carolina. This strumming pattern is great for developing right hand pick control and it will push your country and bluegrass rhythm guitar to the next level…

rye whiskey guitar lesson jack of daniels chords and lyrics

Rye Whiskey

June 16, 2016 1

“Rye Whiskey” is a traditional folk song that was made popular by Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1926. At least twelve artists recorded the tune before World War II, and the song has been recorded under other titles such as “A Corn Licker Still in Georgia”. When first published, the song was originally titled “Jack of Daniels”…

Deep Elem Blues

June 3, 2016 14

“Deep Elem Blues” is a traditional American song from the early 1900s. This song is usually played in a blues format but we’re going to add a country and bluegrass twist to it for this guitar lesson. We’ll go over several country strumming patterns, the song intro, a nice country filler riff, and we’ll go over…

red haired boy guitar lesson with tablature

Red Haired Boy

May 29, 2016 16

“Red Haired Boy” is an old traditional bluegrass fiddle tune that’s become pretty popular among bluegrass flatpickers. In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach you the flatpicking part and the chord progression, along with a few techniques you can use to embellish your rhythm…

wildwood flower guitar lesson with tablature

Wildwood Flower

May 25, 2016 27

“Wildwood Flower” was first published in 1860 and was later recorded by the Carter Family in 1928 on the Victor label. Maybelle Carter leads a rendition of the song on the 1972 album Will the Circle be Unbroken, and frequently performed the song in concert with Johnny Cash. In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach you a traditional…

cherokee shuffle guitar lesson with tablature

Cherokee Shuffle

May 8, 2016 13

Cherokee Shuffle is an old traditional fiddle tune that’s become a popular tune for bluegrass flatpickers to play on acoustic guitar. The first version of this tune was recorded by fiddler Tommy Magness in the 1930’s. Tommy Jackson is generally credited with transforming Magness’s rendition into “Cherokee Shuffle”…