The Best Country Strumming Patterns

classic country bluegrass strumming patterns guitar lesson course
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Ever wondered what makes a strumming pattern sound country? In this lesson video I’ll show you! We’ll go over several common country strumming patterns and I’ll teach you some awesome techniques to spice up your country rhythm guitar playing. These techniques will work with just about every country song you hear on the radio! If you like this lesson, you might also like our Classic Country Strumming Course.

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Lesson Overview
00:24 min Your Choice of Guitar Pick
01:27 min Best Way to Grip Your Pick
02:39 min Modern Country Strumming Pattern
03:31 min Smooth Out Your Strumming
04:10 min Traditional Strumming Pattern
04:55 min What Makes It Sound Country?
06:01 min Pick D Pick D U
06:41 min Pick D Pick U D U
07:57 min Country Rhythm Hammer-On
08:46 min Alternating Bass Notes
10:40 min Pick D Pick Pick D U

Your Very First Guitar Chords

your very first guitar chords
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Brand new to guitar and wanting to learn how to play country music? You’re in the right place! In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn the four most common guitar chords used in country music. If you know these four chords, you’ll be able to play a ton of the songs you hear on the radio. We’ll also go over some good chord progressions that you can use to practice your left hand chord changes.

Chord Charts
x = Mute String
o = Let Ring Open



Chord Progressions

Red = Two Down Strokes
Green = Four Down Strokes
Blue = Eight Down Strokes

Chord Progression 1

Chord Progression 2

Chord Progression 3

Chord Progression 4

Chord Progression 5

Chord Progression 6

Lynyrd Skynyrd Style Blues Progression

lynyrd skynyrd style blues progression
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In this lesson we’re going to go over an awesome Lynyrd Skynyrd style blues progression that involves hybrid picking. If you’re new to hybrid picking, you might also want to check out my hybrid picking lesson series. In this particular lesson, we’ll focus on using the pick, middle finger, and ring finger.

Once you master this style, it’s really fun to use at a jam sessions. For example, when you’re playing the twelve bar blues at a jam, trading lead back and forth, you can use this hybrid picking style when it’s your turn to play the rhythm part. It always sounds great when you can start out strumming during one section of a song, then switch to a hybrid picking style during another section. This adds some variation that makes your music sound much more interesting to your listeners.

Acoustic 12 Bar Blues in the Key of E

acoustic 12 bar blues guitar lesson
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In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a basic 12 bar blues progression. The 12 bar blues is the format of most blues songs and it’ll come in very handy when you’re jamming with friends because you’ll be able to take turns playing this progression and trading lead back and forth.

Guitar Lesson

Progression Chart

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