Lesson 9 – Bluegrass Guitar Solo Improvising Course
Lesson ID: A0163

This is part two of a mini lesson series on playing lead guitar in a country and bluegrass style. In part one, you learned how to play two guitar breaks for “Cripple Creek” using the song’s traditional melody. In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn eight extremely useful flatpicking guitar licks and I’ll show you three easy ways to use these flatpicking licks to spice up your country and bluegrass guitar solos. The concepts in this lead guitar lesson will help you improvise a hard-driving bluegrass guitar break over “Cripple Creek” and these concepts can also be applied to a ton of other country and bluegrass songs.


Using the Licks

Flatpicking Licks

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Bluegrass Lick 1
03:08 min Practice Lick 1 with “Cripple Creek”
06:19 min Bluegrass Lick 2
09:11 min Practice Lick 2 with “Cripple Creek”
10:53 min Bluegrass Lick 3
13:12 min Practice Lick 3 with “Cripple Creek”
14:35 min Bluegrass Lick 4
16:57 min Practice Lick 4 with “Cripple Creek”
17:48 min Bluegrass Lick 5
20:11 min Practice Lick 5 with “Cripple Creek”
20:53 min Bluegrass Lick 6
24:23 min Bluegrass Lick 7
28:37 min Bluegrass Lick 8
30:57 min Extra Tips for Using Bluegrass Licks

Backing Track

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