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Melodic Bluegrass Licks that Travel the Neck

Lesson ID: A0088

In this guitar lesson video, I’ll teach you six of my favorite bluegrass style licks that travel up and down the guitar neck. Each of these licks is built around the positions of the G major pentatonic scale. I’ll show you which scale positions are used by each lick and we’ll go over a few other tips for playing country and bluegrass lead guitar up and down the neck. If you like this lesson, check out our Bluegrass Lick Library.

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Lesson Overview
01:08 min Lick 1
07:38 min Lick 2
10:43 min Lick 3
14:37 min Lick 4
18:09 min Lick 5
20:47 min Lick 6
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Tim Miller
Tim Miller(@tim)
7 years ago

I like these a lot. Thanks for the lesson and the tabs!

Curtis (@guest_337)
7 years ago

I’ve been looking for a lesson like this. Thanks a lot Devin!