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Flatpicking Robert Johnson’s Blues Style

Lesson ID: A0087

Robert Johnson‘s unique combination of singing, guitar skills, and songwriting talent has influenced generations of musicians. He created his distinct sound on guitar with the thumb and fingers of his right hand. In this guitar lesson video, I’ll show you how to play a blues progression like Robert Johnson using a standard guitar pick in a hybrid picking style. I’ll break down the right hand technique, show you the chord progression, and give you other tips that’ll make your rhythm guitar sound more complex.

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Mark (@guest_327)
7 years ago

Awesome lesson! Thanks Devin

Rob (@guest_330)
7 years ago

That bass line is tricky but I’m slowly getting it down. Really nice lesson!

7 years ago

whoa, there’s a lot of information here, wow, could spend the rest of the year right here, thanks

6 years ago
Reply to  nemo

more please…

4 years ago

Hi Devin: Just watched the lesson on Flatpicking Robert Johnson’s Blues. Great lesson, and excellent practice for hybrid picking. I realize that your lessons are focused primarily on bluegrass and country, but more lessons on flatpicking the blues would be great. You have a natural talent for it!

MARIO GARCIA(@calmarium)
3 years ago

I loved this one. Can somebody recommend some similar ones?? thanks!!!!

2 years ago

Great Lesson. Part II please!!