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cherokee shuffle guitar lesson with tablature

Cherokee Shuffle

May 8, 2016 13

Cherokee Shuffle is an old traditional fiddle tune that’s become a popular tune for bluegrass flatpickers to play on acoustic guitar. The first version of this tune was recorded by fiddler Tommy Magness in the 1930’s. Tommy Jackson is generally credited with transforming Magness’s rendition into “Cherokee Shuffle”…

bluegrass g licks guitar lesson flatpicking

Improvising with Bluegrass G Licks

May 1, 2016 4

In this guitar lesson video, we’ll break down the scales that are commonly played in key of G open bluegrass licks. They’re called “open” licks or open riffs because they incorporate a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs to and from the open strings. These licks are used all the time…

Country Rhythm Practice Drills

April 25, 2016 5

We’ve got a couple drills here in this lesson video that’ll help you build right hand pick accuracy for playing country and bluegrass rhythm guitar. These country rhythm patterns will make your rhythm guitar sound more melodic and complex. We’ll show you…

blackberry blossom guitar lesson with tablature

Blackberry Blossom Tony Rice Style

April 15, 2016 19

Blackberry Blossom is an old traditional fiddle tune that has become a popular tune for bluegrass flatpickers to play on acoustic guitar. In this lesson video, we’ll slow down this tune and play along with interactive guitar tablature note for note. Be sure to use the AB Looping…

brad paisley acoustic guitar riffs guitar lesson

Brad Paisley Acoustic Guitar Riffs

April 13, 2016 11

In this lesson video, you’re going to learn some awesome Brad Paisley style acoustic guitar riffs. These riffs are modeled after the riffs Brad plays in his song Life’s Railway To Heaven. Starting with his 1999 debut album, Who Needs Pictures, Brad Paisley has released 10 studio albums and a Christmas compilation…

mixing the major and minor pentatonic scales guitar lesson

Mixing the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales Together

April 10, 2016 15

In this guitar lesson I’ll teach you an easy way to switch back and forth between the major and minor pentatonic scales. This is one of the most important concepts of playing lead guitar and it is very common in country and bluegrass music. Developing this technique will…

how to grip your guitar pick

How to Grip Your Pick

March 17, 2016 8

There’s a ton of different ways to grip a guitar pick and it all comes down to what feels most comfortable to you. In this video, I’ll show you a good starting for gripping your pick and we’ll go over the best way to strum your guitar when you’re playing country and bluegrass…

classic country bluegrass strumming patterns guitar lesson course

The Best Country Strumming Patterns

March 13, 2016 43

Ever wondered what makes a strumming pattern sound country? In this lesson video I’ll show you! We’ll go over several common country strumming patterns and I’ll teach you some awesome techniques to spice up your country rhythm guitar playing…

your very first guitar chords

Your Very First Guitar Chords

February 22, 2016 5

Brand new to guitar and wanting to learn how to play country music? You’re in the right place! In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn the four most common guitar chords used in country music. If you know these four chords, you’ll be able to play a ton of the songs you hear on the radio. We’ll also go over some good chord…