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You Are My Sunshine in the Style of Gene Autry

Lesson 11 – Country & Bluegrass Rhythm Course
Lesson ID: A0151

In this guitar lesson, we’ll practice some classic country strumming patterns over a country & bluegrass version of “You Are My Sunshine”. This arrangement incorporates a simple melody line with your standard Carter style “boom chick” country strumming. We’ll also work on a few country guitar fill riffs in the style of Gene Autry. Overall this is a great guitar lesson for developing accurate picking and strumming.


Playthrough with Tablature

Full Breakdown

Backing Track

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5 years ago
Reply to  Devin

I’m in a beginner jam group this will be a great addition. We have a fiddle player who calls is every so often. Thanks Devin!

Brandon (@guest_1003450)
5 years ago

Really nice lesson

5 years ago

Amazing, this really helped me Thank you

5 years ago

Clean up my picking and strumming! And finally spend some time of the F Chord.

Jocelyn Beauregard
Jocelyn Beauregard(@jocelyn)
5 years ago

Fun to play…

5 years ago

We will be adding this one to the nursing home set list! Thanks!

Andrew Santana
Andrew Santana(@santana717)
5 years ago

Fun backing track to work on improvisation in C

Mark Loen
Mark Loen(@markloen)
5 years ago

Hi Devin on measure 4 your tab is on g string but pointer finger is on b string walk up

3 years ago

Devin, not sure why we hold the C/G position thru out all the measures ( killer on the hand) when it is really only used at the opening, couldn’t we just hold the C position after the opening?

3 years ago

A great lesson incorporating lists of different techniques using both the left and right hand. A simple song made complex and interesting. Now if I can just get the speed up!

Michelle Rowe
Michelle Rowe(@sopris)
1 year ago

Thanks! Great lesson and backing track. Lotsa fun!

David Jamieson
David Jamieson(@drgolf)
1 year ago

Joined today and just wanted to say your site is incredible so easy to manuver and has everything you would want. I am happy to finally have found a guitar learning site that I was searching. Thank you Devon Fantastic job!

1 year ago

This is a fun one Mr Devin and you are a great teacher!