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Bill Cheatham

Lesson ID: A0150

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to play the traditional tune “Bill Cheatham” on guitar. This flatpicking arrangement has a ton of momentum and it’s a great song for all levels of guitar players. Slow it down and it’ll help you build solid pick control accuracy; speed it up and it gets technical for the more advanced pickers. “Bill Cheatham” is a must-know flatpicking standard that will get your prepared for your next bluegrass jam! Download the “Bill Cheatham” guitar tablature below this lesson video.


Playthrough with Tablature

Full Breakdown

Ending Lick

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Backing Track

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6 years ago

Never heard this one but I’m definitely learning it!

Brandon White
Brandon White (@guest_1002492)
6 years ago

So nice!! Can’t wait to learn it this weekend. Thanks Devin!

6 years ago

Again a superb one Devin ! Great teaching and your arrangement is perfect. Keep up the good work

5 years ago

Happy Sunday AFTERNOON to you Devin!, enjoying this right now, as always fun lessons..will record and post to friends on youtube.. still got to catch up of these latest lessons and old ones too.. man if there is anything cool to take from this lesson is that last riff! so cool! enjoying this now,, probably be ready in an hour or so!

5 years ago

I just wanted to say that this is still the best guitar site I have found online by far. Fantastic teaching and layout. Really great work. I hope you all have a nice Memorial Day weekend.


5 years ago

I love this song. It’s been a few weeks since I played it so I’ll need to work up to 175 bpm. Great job!

Jocelyn Beauregard
Jocelyn Beauregard(@jocelyn)
5 years ago

I just want to say thanks Devin for the way you teach….

5 years ago

Great version of Bill Cheatham

5 years ago

Devin has a really good service here. The arrangements have a nice amount of content, but are not so complex that they can’t be played in a jam environment. He emphasizes correct and economical finger placement, down to great detail if desired. He doesn’t dumb it down; if cross picking is appropriate then it has cross picking.
The backing tracks are the way to make the song yours. Everything in the site is easily accessible and consistent; not a bunch of links that lead to some other paid service.

3 years ago

Great Cheatham lesson but it is kicking my butt. I will get it….eventually