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Tyler Childers “Nose on the Grindstone” Strumming

Lesson ID: A0189

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play some chord embellishments in the style of “Nose on the Grindstone” by Tyler Childers. First, we’ll work on a few country strumming patterns that’ll help you get that “dirty” country sound Tyler Childers has in a lot of his songs. Then, we’ll work through two practice progressions and practice our country strumming. After that, you’ll learn an instrumental break that’s loaded with country chord embellishments in the style of Tyler Childers.


Strumming & Chords

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Easy Chord Embellishment

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Instrumental Break

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Put your capo on the 3rd fret and practice along with Tyler Childers!

Gear used in this lesson:

Country Series / Acoustic Guitar Strings

Vintage Tone Triangle Picks (3 pack)

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3 years ago

Oh that’s sounds good. Thanks Devin.

3 years ago

Okay, so…today I took this strum,
and learned to play John Prine’s PARADISE!!!! Thank you Devin. Like I’ve said before, ‘Slow and steady stay on pace.’

Eric Reinhardt
Eric Reinhardt(@rinny51)
3 years ago

Thanks for the new lesson, sounds great!

3 years ago

Wow! Great lesson Devin , thanks !

Gareth Ayres
Gareth Ayres(@chilli-strings)
3 years ago

Great lesson as usual Devin, any chance you could do Randall Collins at some stage? Hope you and yours are staying well.

3 years ago

Thanks for another great lesson

3 years ago

This is a really useful lesson, Thanks

norman dion
norman dion(@normandion)
3 years ago

This is great Devin…man your good.I am learning so much…keep up this wonderful lessons. Thank You.

Jean Galou
Jean Galou(@galou)
3 years ago

Great song and great lesson! thanks Devin

2 years ago

I’ve finally got it down. My hammer on’s are still weak and the F note still hates me but I poor onward and upward.

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson(@wildriverslothgmail-com)
2 years ago

Any of the sub lessons I click on lead me to Tyler’s video. Anyone else having this issue? My membership is good till 1 October.