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New Website Features!

1) Add to Favorites

Click the Add to Favorites button to bookmark a lesson and watch later. To view your favorites, go to the Top Menu Bar > Lessons > My Favorites.

2) Mark Complete

Never waste time watching the same lesson twice. Click the Mark Complete button to add a checkmark to a lesson’s thumbnail picture on the main lesson grid.

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Jared M
Jared M (@guest_736)
7 years ago

Very nice. I just found your website. I think I’ll try out the membership soon. I really like your laid back teaching style and guitar playing. Keep it up! Any chance you could do some chicken pickin lessons?

7 years ago
Reply to  Devin

can’t wait!

sunburst (@guest_748)
7 years ago

i’d like to try , I like bluegrass and the way you show different levels for each with some i’ve watched today.

john (@guest_756)
7 years ago

hello Devin very impressed with this bluegrass stuff you got going here!

john (@guest_757)
7 years ago

Hello all looks like I’m interested , was very impressed with the few tutorials I sampled the other night!

6 years ago

This is a nice feature to have I can see where this will help me to know what I have already worked on. thanks for applying them.