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Tony Rice Style “G Lick” to Play Over C Chord

Lesson ID: A0183

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play an easy country and bluegrass guitar lick that sounds great over the C major chord when you’re soloing in the key of G. Then we’ll practice using the lick in a guitar solo over a 12 bar chord progression. As we’re working through the guitar solo, you’ll learn how to use bluegrass licks effectively to play powerful solos that follow a song’s chord progression. Later in the lesson, we’ll also talk about the guitar scales for playing country and bluegrass guitar solos and we’ll go over some easy improvising techniques. After you watch the lesson, practice your guitar solo improvising using the three bluegrass backing tracks in the key of G that you’ll find on this guitar lesson post.

Slow Backing Track

Medium Backing Track

Fast Backing Track

Scale Charts

G Major Scale


G Blues Scale


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4 years ago

Cool one Devin. The guitar solo at 09:38 is really fun to play and thousands thanks to teach us on how to use these licks over a progression. Licks library is a good way to improve my bluegrass guitar playing and with your guidance it makes me on the right track…again thanks Devin!

4 years ago

The backing track is just amazing!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jocelyn

I started using the backing tracks when I warm up to play my scales. Makes it fun!

4 years ago

Hey Devin, thanks for this lesson. This week I’ve been working on improvising and creating solos. I have questions about the right approach (to change scales when the chord changes or to just play the chord notes when the progression changes chords) thanks for this lesson. It’s exactly what I needed. Have a great weekend.

Kevin Simmons
Kevin Simmons(@k_simmons)
4 years ago

This will be very useful at the local open jam!

3 years ago

Great Lesson