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Red Dirt Country Strumming in the Style of Tyler Childers

Lesson ID: A0176

In this guitar lesson, we’ll work on some red dirt country strumming in this style of Tyler Childers. First you’ll learn a country strumming pattern that is modeled after the strumming pattern Tyler Childers uses in his song “Whitehouse Road”. Then we’ll practice this strumming pattern over a couple chord progressions in drop D tuning with our capo on the second fret. After we practice the strumming pattern a bit, we’ll add some chord embellishments to our strumming to give it a nice red dirt country sound. Later in the lesson we’ll also work through an intro riff in the style of Tyler Childers. Overall this is a great lesson for learning some useful drop D chord embellishments that will spice up your country rhythm guitar. Please support Tyler Childers on iTunes and check out more of his songs on his YouTube Channel.


Strumming & Chords

Chord Embellishments

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Intro Riff

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4 years ago

Awesome lesson! Love this one!

4 years ago

Welcome back Devin. Great lesson! this is my favourite Tyler song along with “Matthew”.
Tyler played a solo gig here in London a few months back. He talked about Whitehouse road, and how he worked as a Sears delivery driver (when he dropped out of college I think). The lyrics are about the guy he worked with and what he used to talk/brag about while they were driving around….
“damn good feelin’ to run these roads”.
He’s such a great storyteller. Real country music.

4 years ago

Great one, thanks Devin!

4 years ago

Nice. Time to get to work on this one! Coincidentally I’m learning it on that exact guitar.

4 years ago

Great lesson , i have been practicing this song for a while but it did not go very well ,with this lesson i am going to nail it !! Thanks Devin

Matt Dylan
Matt Dylan(@xylin6yahoo-com)
4 years ago

I learned a trick from this Steve Earle video where you can get drop E tuning capo’d at the second fret by placing the capo on from underneath (the treble side) and only capo the five highest strings leaving the low E string open. the cool thing about this method is that an open G chord still sounds the same yet you also have the benefit of being able to play the two string five chords as with drop D tuning. just wanted to share that,thanks for another great lesson!

4 years ago

This is an awesome lesson on such a great song. Thank you! Would love to see some more Childers lessons in future or some more songs or tricks for drop D tuning. About the only other thing I do in drop D is Harvest Moon by Neil Young.

Jackson Maxwell
Jackson Maxwell(@jaxn65)
3 years ago

Awesome lesson! Should do one for Lady May so I can finally get the intro down. I’m very happy I finally after months decided to join. Been 3 or 4 days and have learned a lot! Just found out about the points this morning so time to get to work if I’m going to win this months prize.

3 years ago

I love this one too!!!

2 years ago

Great instruction! Really enjoyed the lesson – well done.