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In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a country blues progression in the key of D. The main goal of this lesson is to give you some extra practice switching back and forth between playing rhythm guitar and lead fills. First, we’ll break down the main country strumming pattern in the progression. Then, we’ll work through the red dirt country blues progression and fill riffs with tablature. After you watch the guitar lesson, practice your country rhythm and fills with our backing track in the key of D. Overall, this is a great lesson for learning some useful country rhythm techniques that you can apply to a ton of other country songs.


Playthrough with Tablature

Full Breakdown

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Strumming Pattern Breakdown
03:27 min Breakdown – Measures 1 through 4
06:59 min Breakdown – Measures 5 through 8
09:59 min Breakdown – Measures 9 through 12
15:03 min Breakdown – Measures 13 through 16
18:16 min Breakdown – Measures 17 through 20
22:20 min Breakdown – Measures 21 through 24
25:28 min Practice the Progression with Me
27:10 min Ending Riff
27:59 min Intro Riff

Backing Track

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