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Little Sadie

Lesson ID: A0169

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play “Little Sadie” in the style of Doc Watson. First, we’ll work through the “Little Sadie” chord progression using traditional country & bluegrass strumming. Then, we’ll make the progression sound a little fancier with a Doc Watson style bass line walk and a fill riff. After we talk about the rhythm guitar, we’ll work through a couple rounds of the progression with vocals. Finally, we’ll cover three different guitar solo breaks for “Little Sadie” in the style of Doc Watson. The first guitar solo is the easiest and the last two are a little more difficult. Overall this must-know country & bluegrass song that will sound great at your next jam. Guitar tablature is available below the lesson videos.


Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Little Sadie Chord Progression
01:54 min Chord Progression with Tablature
03:14 min Doc Watson Style Bass Line Walk and Fill Riff
05:44 min Chord Progression with Vocals

Solo 1

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Solo 2

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Solo 3

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Advanced Rhythm

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Video Overview
00:22 min Strumming Pattern 1
00:50 min Strumming Pattern 2
01:23 min Strumming Pattern 3
03:07 min Strumming Pattern 4
03:48 min Strumming Pattern 5
04:41 min Practice Progression – Measures 1 through 4
08:19 min Practice Progression – Measures 5 through 8
10:15 min Practice Progression – Measures 9 through 10
11:43 min Practice the Progression with Me

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Backing Track

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5 years ago

Interesting one thanks Devin! Have a good weekend!

Cooper (@guest_4021708)
5 years ago

Awesome lesson man!

5 years ago

Lovin Little Sadie. Great song, hardest part is playing and singing this at the pace Doc Watson does it. He gets the words out so clear but so quick as well.
Got to the the best for my money RIP Doc.
Thanks for another great lesson

5 years ago

This is one of my favorites! Nice lesson as always. Thanks Devin!

5 years ago

The advanced rhythm is fun too play like these three progressives solo are fun too…have a nice weekend!

5 years ago

Love it – looking forward to giving it a go!

4 years ago

I have the free trial and I cant even see the full video just the clips why is that?

4 years ago

Little Sadie is such a great song and this is an awesome lesson, Devin. You present such a variety regarding rhythm part, solos and vocals. I love these types of lessons. And your explanations are very informative. I’m learning a lot.

Gerry O'Brien
Gerry O'Brien(@jerry-the-juice)
3 years ago

Love this tune by Doc Watson.
First heard it by Billy Strings.
Thanks Dev.
London over and out.

Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson(@atomicman123)
1 year ago

This is one of the coolest songs I’ve run across. Love the minor key. I’ve played casually for fifty years +…Kind of new-ish at bluegrass licks like three years in earnest. Harder than it looks and sounds. There are several versions of the solo in varying degrees of difficulty. Of course I like the trickiest ones. (Spell that Tony Rice) Some top pickers claim to practice 6-8 hours every day. Yeah right! And they started when they were three.

Daniel Crowley
Daniel Crowley(@dfc505)
1 year ago

this is great – thanks