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Key of G Lick – To Play Over C Chord – Lick 1

Key of G Lick – To Play Over C Chord – Lick 1

Lesson ID: BL-GC001
Key: G Major
Scale(s) Used:

  • G Major Scale > 5th Position
  • G Blues Scale > 5th Position

Lesson Video

Slow Backing Track

Medium Backing Track

Fast Backing Track

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Scale Charts

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4 years ago

It’s another good one! I really like those licks thanks Devin, have a nice day!

Brannan Taylor
Brannan Taylor(@chuckpagano)
2 years ago

I’m trying to play along to the slow blue grass backing track. Do i start the lick over the G so i can end on the C chord and play the two bars of C? Or do I start the lick as the track is also starting the two bars of C?