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John Hardy was a Desperate Little Man

Lesson ID: A0128

In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach y’all how to play two guitar solo breaks for the classic country & bluegrass song “John Hardy”. The first break has a nice blend of Carter style “boom chick” rhythm and Tony Rice influenced licks and the second guitar solo is loaded with some awesome country & bluegrass flatpicking licks that travel the neck. Download the tablature PDF files below the video along with the Guitar Pro files. If you like this lesson, check out our Bluegrass Lick Library.

Guitar Solo 1

Guitar Solo 2

Video 1 – Full Breakdown

Video 2 – Condensed Breakdown for the More Advanced Players


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Ending Lick

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Backing Track

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Jocelyn Beauregard
Jocelyn Beauregard(@jocelyn)
6 years ago

Another good one, thanks Devin!

6 years ago

Wonderful arrangement, this will push me a good deal. More like this would be great!

6 years ago

That second solo is awesome!!

Vince (@guest_941)
6 years ago

Nice lesson brother

6 years ago

hi Devin i think there is some problem for video 2 Video 2 – Condensed Breakdown for the More Advanced Players loadin!! i cant see the video !! could you fix it? thanx

6 years ago
Reply to  Devin

I cannot get the files for john- and other such files when I click your download buttons.

6 years ago

Awesome lesson! If anyone wants to hear a killer performance of this, check out Norman Blake live at McCabe’s.

5 years ago

The ending lick is very,very and VERY HOT!

5 years ago

The guitar solo 2 it’s completely amazing…..really fun to play. Again thanks Devin!

3 years ago

I know it’s one of your older lessons, but thanks a lot for this one Devin! One of my favorite tunes. I always appreciate the quality of all your lessons!

3 years ago

It’s taken me much longer than usual to get the second solo nailed, but I thoroughly enjoy playing this over and over. Love the way it travels up the neck, it feels like a real fancy break (!) I know this is an old one but i would love to see and learn more lessons like this, thanks Devin.