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2nd Position G Minor Pentatonic Licks

Lesson ID: A0056

We’ve already covered several licks within the 1st position of the G Minor pentatonic scale. In the lesson videos below, we’ll be moving up the guitar neck to learn some licks built around the 2nd position of the G Minor pentatonic scale. The solo in the beginning of this video is an example of how you can combine each of these minor pentatonic scale licks to create one long guitar solo.

Guitar Lick 1

Guitar Lick 2

Guitar Lick 3

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Fender Bender
Fender Bender(@kevinb)
8 years ago

Awesome lick this is starting make sensenow. Right after that slide to the 7th fret, I found it easier for me to do an up pick on the 6th fret instead of a down pick..the next note after that slide. Do you think it would be a bad habit to learn it this way?