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1st Position G Minor Pentatonic Licks

Lesson ID: A0052

In these guitar lesson videos, you’ll learn some country and bluegrass guitar licks built around the 1st position of the G minor pentatonic scale. Each week, we’ll post new country guitar licks built around various positions of the pentatonic scales and the blues scales. The goal in all of these lessons is for you to keep adding to your bag of licks so you can create the foundation you need to play country and bluegrass lead guitar all the way up and down the fretboard.

Guitar Lick 1

Guitar Lick 2

Guitar Lick 3

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Mark (@guest_23)
8 years ago

Cool riff!

Steve Woodrow
Steve Woodrow(@woodrow3)
8 years ago

Is it just begging to be resolved with a G at the end. 🙂

3 years ago

I’ve been working on speed within the scales. Getting some speed when I stay within the scale. I think I’m playing along okay. I ever play this in my warm up sometimes. I’m not able to do strong hammer one of pull offs yet. More like a tap on and call off!