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Bryan Sutton Style Sweep Picking

Lesson ID: A0053

Bryan Sutton is definitely one of the best flatpickers alive today. He plays with a uniquely smooth tone even when he’s picking super fast, and one of the ways he does this is with sweep picking. In this lesson we’ll go over an awesome bluegrass sweep picking lick that Bryan Sutton uses regularly in his flatpicking.

Lesson Video

Guitar Tablature

Bryan Sutton Sweep Picking_Tab 1

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jr1082 (@guest_150)
8 years ago

cool lick i’ve never thought about trying something like that thanks for the lesson

Aaron (@guest_185)
8 years ago

Great technique. Not too bad once i figured out how to relax my right thumb a certain way. Sounds awesome!

6 years ago

Wow ! really cool mini lesson!