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Fingerstyle Guitar Inspired by Colter Wall

Lesson ID: A0191

In this guitar lesson, we’ll work on some bluesy country fingerstyle guitar that’s inspired the song “The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie” written by Colter Wall. First you’ll learn the main chord progression that we’ll use to practice this type of fingerstyle guitar, and then we’ll work through a nice fingerstyle intro riff and a short instrumental break. During most of this guitar lesson, we’ll use a thumb pick to play an alternating bass line while we use our pointer and middle fingers to play a treble melody line in between the alternating bass notes. Also, be sure to follow Colter Wall on YouTube and you can find more of Colter’s music on his website.


Main Progression

Video 1 – Playthrough with Tablature

Video 2 – Full Breakdown

Intro Riff

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Short Instrumental

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Song Structure

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3 years ago

Wow ! This sounds good Devin !

3 years ago

Owwwwwie that makes my pinky hurt! What doesn’t kill you…or at least play better. Lol

Last edited 3 years ago by jerseychicadee
C White
C White(@g)
3 years ago

Nice lesson Devin,
I like the Doc Watson style riffs mixed in there.
I haven’t used a thumb pick or done much travis picking yet.
Looks like it’s time to learn.

Cool song,
Thanks for sharing.

Padmapriya Dakini
3 years ago

Love this! This is exactly why CGO is a great learning tool. Its taken a bit of effort but it was worth it! Thanks and felicitations on the season… if you are into it!

Lyndon Taylor
Lyndon Taylor(@lyndon)
3 years ago

Great lesson, Devin. Might there be more fingerstyle tutorials in the future? Hope so!

sandro donda
sandro donda(@sandro-donda)
3 years ago

great Devin! this take some time to practice, but eventually i’m arrived to play all partsThanks!!

John Shryock
John Shryock(@sujo06)
2 years ago

love this song!! thanks for putting it on here… sounds great
2 years ago

Love this, more Colter Wall please.

2 years ago

Looking forward to this one! This course is so well organized – takes away (most) of the intimidation after listening to Colter Wall play it. Thanks once again!