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Oh Kentucky Country & Bluegrass Strumming

June 17, 2016 15

In this guitar lesson video, we’ll go over a really nice melodic country and bluegrass strumming pattern inspired by the song “Oh, Kentucky” by Lou Reid & Carolina. This strumming pattern is great for developing right hand pick control and it will push your country and bluegrass rhythm guitar to the next level…

rye whiskey guitar lesson jack of daniels chords and lyrics

Rye Whiskey

June 16, 2016 1

“Rye Whiskey” is a traditional folk song that was made popular by Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1926. At least twelve artists recorded the tune before World War II, and the song has been recorded under other titles such as “A Corn Licker Still in Georgia”. When first published, the song was originally titled “Jack of Daniels”…

Deep Elem Blues

June 3, 2016 15

“Deep Elem Blues” is a traditional American song from the early 1900s. This song is usually played in a blues format but we’re going to add a country and bluegrass twist to it for this guitar lesson. We’ll go over several country strumming patterns, the song intro, a nice country filler riff, and we’ll go over…

wildwood flower guitar lesson with tablature

Wildwood Flower

May 25, 2016 30

“Wildwood Flower” was first published in 1860 and was later recorded by the Carter Family in 1928 on the Victor label. Maybelle Carter leads a rendition of the song on the 1972 album Will the Circle be Unbroken, and frequently performed the song in concert with Johnny Cash. In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach you a traditional…

Country Rhythm Practice Drills

April 25, 2016 8

We’ve got a couple drills here in this lesson video that’ll help you build right hand pick accuracy for playing country and bluegrass rhythm guitar. These country rhythm patterns will make your rhythm guitar sound more melodic and complex. We’ll show you…

classic country bluegrass strumming patterns guitar lesson course

The Best Country Strumming Patterns

March 13, 2016 43

Ever wondered what makes a strumming pattern sound country? In this lesson video I’ll show you! We’ll go over several common country strumming patterns and I’ll teach you some awesome techniques to spice up your country rhythm guitar playing…

your very first guitar chords

Your Very First Guitar Chords

February 22, 2016 5

Brand new to guitar and wanting to learn how to play country music? You’re in the right place! In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn the four most common guitar chords used in country music. If you know these four chords, you’ll be able to play a ton of the songs you hear on the radio. We’ll also go over some good chord…

lynyrd skynyrd style blues progression

Lynyrd Skynyrd Style Blues Progression

November 14, 2015 5

In this lesson we’re going to go over an awesome Lynyrd Skynyrd style blues…

acoustic 12 bar blues guitar lesson

Acoustic 12 Bar Blues in the Key of E

November 14, 2015 4

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a basic 12 bar blues progression. The 12 bar blues…