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Blackberry Blossom Tony Rice Style

Lesson ID: A0067

Blackberry Blossom is an old traditional fiddle tune that has become a popular tune for bluegrass flatpickers to play on acoustic guitar. In this lesson video, we’ll slow down this tune and play along with interactive guitar tablature note for note. Be sure to use the playback speed controls on the video player.

Lesson Video

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Song Overview
00:55 min Important Tips
03:24 min Tablature Play Through – Slower Speed
06:33 min Practice Along – Faster Speed

Extra Pointers

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jr1082 (@guest_153)
6 years ago

That’s some fast picking

JamesR22 (@guest_154)
6 years ago

I really like how you played along with the tablature. For me, this was the best lesson you’ve done so far because I could use the looper and follow along on the tabs…very easy. I’m not sure if it would be possible, but maybe you could add a little frame in the upper right of the video showing you play along with the tablature..then you could see your fingering and follow the tabs. But either way, great work and thanks!

dylan76 (@guest_155)
6 years ago

love it – and the new tablature playback is awesome

Percy (@guest_156)
6 years ago

Great lesson Devin. I agree with everybody…the new tab playback made learning this type of song much easier. Like JamesR22 said, if it’s possible to add a video frame of you playing top right or left while you’re playing back the tablature that would be really nice! Keep up the great work.

RobJ45 (@guest_157)
6 years ago

Great song and lesson! Going to make some coffee and work on this Saturday morning : )

Jeff J
Jeff J (@guest_159)
6 years ago


6 years ago

Can you teach some more country song intros?

5 years ago

great quick picking practice/lesson,, i use light and stiff pick,my favorite 1.3 mm

john (@guest_852)
5 years ago
Reply to  Devin

I found these best choice so far,, made by cool picks (phat cat) 1.30mm light blue and they look like a big jazz pick

5 years ago

This is good,, i thought because I wasn’t here in a while all was beginner but this i remember will be challenging to get to speed.. this is intermediate to advanced and , i wanted to ask if you would star these lesson or rate them like a 1 to 5 stars so that we can choose if we want A quick easy or advance difficult to practice when we log in.. i seen this on other sites ..but it is okay, i do take my time browsing all the lessons..enjoy

4 years ago

I love all your lessons but I prefer to watch you playing the music with the tablature. If you could do a jam along on this it would be awesome, I think that’s the best part of any of the lessons that you do is the jam along I get the most out of that.

4 years ago

Great picking

4 years ago

Devin a Jam track for Blackberry Blossom would be much appreciated I love the lessons that you do with the Jam track I think I get the most out of playing along with you and being able play the brakes and the Rhythm thanks

4 years ago

You nailed this smooth clean and fast!..I understand your tips for flat picking tone using the pick..Going to go it slow and work it to speed another day,,even though I did this lessons months ago.. I got to watch the tab and learn it slow,ty again Devin, enjoying this!

3 years ago

Hey Devin. I’m sure you’re busy enough coming up with new lessons but would you ever consider reediting some of your earlier tutorials like this one to include the lower-screen tab like on your more recent vids? They are much easier to follow I think. Thanks

Tom Clark
Tom Clark(@tomc50)
2 years ago

Mistake? on… surely those are Em chords, not E

Aleksander Freberg
Aleksander Freberg(@drnovak)
1 year ago

Great lesson, clocked you in at around 114 bpm, which is crazy fast, even if Rice could play it flawless at >120 bpm, very impressive. Have been working on this for the last week and can play the first half pretty good at around 70 bpms atm. Metronome is a lot of help and fun to witness the proven progress 🙂 Just got started on Bluegrass, a Doc Watson documentary reeled me in. Also progressing slow and steady on your Guitar Lessons, great site, keep up the good work!

Edwin Gehlbach
Edwin Gehlbach(@edwinrg)
1 year ago

5 thumbs up on this tablature with the notes AND left hand fingering. It’s something I’ve thought would be extra nice to have, & here it be!

Bill Leeson
Bill Leeson(@leesonw)
8 months ago

I really wish you would show a split screen with someone playing the chord progression on one side and the picking on the other. Thanks. Bill