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Using Jazzy Chords in Your Bluegrass Rhythm

Lesson ID: A0172

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to use jazzy chord shapes in your bluegrass rhythm guitar. This technique will really make your rhythm guitar stand out at your next bluegrass jam. First, we’ll go over some useful jazzy chords that you can use to replace standard open chords. Then, you’ll learn some strumming patterns that work great with these jazzy chord shapes. Finally, we’ll work through a practice progression so you can get an idea of how to use these jazzy chords in a bluegrass song.


Chords & Strumming

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min G6 Chord
02:13 min C7 Chord
03:29 min D7 Chord
04:05 min “Foggy Mountain Special” Chord Progression
06:24 min Alternate Voicing for a G Major chord
08:07 min C9 Chord
09:14 min D9 Chord
09:38 min Strumming Patterns
15:24 min Standard Bass Line Walk (Available to CGO Members)
19:06 min Jazzy Bass Line Walk (Available to CGO Members)
23:57 min Extra Tips (Available to CGO Members)

Practice Progression

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Jam Along

Here is a video of Russ Carson and Jake Workman playing “Foggy Mountain Special” on banjo and guitar. Try jamming along by playing the jazzy practice progression that you learned in this guitar lesson. You can hear Jake Workman playing some jazzy bluegrass rhythm guitar at 1:50 in this video.

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5 years ago

Amazing lesson….thanks Devin!

5 years ago

thanks, absolutely love this one.

johnny S
johnny S(@jlselfincgmail-com)
3 years ago

Outstanding, Good Information! Thanks!

3 years ago

Just discovered this lesson, just what ive been looking for Devin.

3 years ago

can you teach this with sally goodin? great lesson.

Jesse Draughon
Jesse Draughon(@bgjesse)
3 years ago

struggling with these chord shapes.