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Texas Swing Chord Progression on Guitar

Lesson ID: A0199

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a jazzy Texas swing rhythm guitar progression. First we’ll take a look at a must-learn Texas swing strumming pattern. Then we’ll work through a practice progression in the style of “Two-Step Down to Texas” by Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall. Overall this is a great lesson for working on jazzy chord shapes and Texas swing rhythm guitar.


Playthrough with TAB


**Capo 2nd fret to practice along with this video

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2 years ago
Reply to  Devin

Hi Devin, love this lesson. More of this texas swing style please 🙂

2 years ago

A lot of hard work in this one

George Lange
George Lange(@georgeanddoris66hotmail-com)
2 years ago

I like this one a lot.

Daniel Larsen Hageli
Daniel Larsen Hageli(@daniel-lh)
2 years ago

Would be great with more Texas swing style lessons like this 🙂

2 years ago

This is awesome! Thanks, Devin!

Angel Evan
Angel Evan(@angelevan101)
2 years ago

Great lesson, I love incorporating jazzy chord shapes into country songs.

Jack Cockburn
Jack Cockburn(@drjtc)
2 years ago

I can really get behind the western swing approach of bob wills, asleep at the wheel, Lyle Lovett or any of those influences. Thanks in advance and appreciate the lesson. It invites the fun back in to guitar.

George Lange
George Lange(@georgeanddoris66hotmail-com)
2 years ago

Just watching a video recording of Austin City Limits with Miranda Lambert John Randall and jack Ingram playing “Two Step Down to Texas”. I recognized the chords right away

Last edited 2 years ago by George Lange
Marshall Hileman
Marshall Hileman(@mhileman)
2 years ago

Great video, the only thing I personally would’ve preferred is somewhere to find out what all the chords were. What drew me to this one was the jazzy chords and I was hoping to be able to learn them and repurpose them possibly for my own purposes. Awesome arrangement though. New here and loving the videos.

Thomas Respess
Thomas Respess(@tsr3phd)
2 years ago

Love the lesson. More western swing please!

Bob Delbridge
Bob Delbridge(@murston)
1 year ago

yes please more western swing

Kim Luna
Kim Luna(@kenandkimlunayucca-net)
11 months ago

Great, would be helpful if chord shapes were included above tab.

DANA WARD(@danawnc)
10 months ago

Great lesson! How can I print the chord shapes?

7 months ago

Yes! a good one, thanks!