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Muddy Drop D Riff

Lesson ID: A0213

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a “muddy” country guitar riff. To play this riff, you’ll need to tune your guitar to drop D tuning (DADGBE), and check out the pick direction symbols in the TAB as you’re learning the riff.

The guitar in this video is a PRS SE P20 acoustic with a tobacco sunburst finish. Definitely worth checking out this guitar if you’re looking for a nice parlor acoustic. I love the tone and it’s super lightweight and fun to play.

If you like the tone of the strings on this guitar, they’re the new Woodtone nickel-infused acoustic guitar strings!

Hope y’all enjoy the lesson! 🤘🤠🤘

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Listen to the Drop D Riff
00:23 min Playthrough with Tablature
01:31 min Full Breakdown of the Riff
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Scooter d.
Scooter d.(@scooter)
1 year ago

Cool beans… Very nice riff there Devin. I have really enjoyed the various techniques and music you have shared for many years.

Felix Grygorcewicz
1 year ago

Hi Devin, I am very appreciative of the many riffs and techniques that you share with us, but things are going slowly here. You mention drop D but how do you do that putting the tuning into a drop D. Sorry for my silly question.

Joe Rice
Joe Rice(@cptrice)
1 year ago

Felix, google a youtube video on how to tune your guitar to Drop D. All it is, is tuning the E string(6th string, thickest string) down a whole stop to a D. Then your in drop D. takes like 10 seconds if that. Use a tuner

Last edited 1 year ago by Joe Rice
Lavena Chapman
Lavena Chapman(@saneval)
1 year ago

I’m a beginner. Less than a year. Love your stuff. Love the drop D tuning! Actually got the lower part of Angelina Baker. Now working on Muddy Drop D Riff. Slow going but I’m getting it! Thank you.